Do you need immediate customers?

//Do you need immediate customers?

Many times when running a business, there are times where the sales are low, the orders are lower than usual, and the business could do with a lift.  This is a perfect time to step back and take a deeper look into your market.  We provide a comprehensive service where we will report on your current businesses state, the market, opportunities and threats, so you are well informed moving forward.  As well as completing the market research, we can set your business up on Google Adwords, which once running, will give you an immediate stream of potential customers to your business.  I will explain more below..

What is Google Adwords

If you search for a product or service on google you will have come across Google ads before.

For example, if we search for “abogado Murcia” on we can see the results below


You can see the four ads above the other listings with the green label “Ad”.  These are all ads coming from businesses who are running Google adwords campaigns.  Each of these businesses have chosen “abogado Murcia” as a keyword in their campaign, and wrote the text for the ad to appear.  Once this ad is clicked apon, the business is charged a certain amount (Cost per click CPC) and they are brought to the designated landing website page.

The main benefit from this is there’s no need to wait for your new site to work its way up Googles natural / organic result set. By using paid search you can see immediate results and it’s not nearly as expensive as you may think.

Paid search

Paid search is the term we use for advertising within the listings of a search engine. These normally appear at the top of a SERP or to the side, and increasingly look more and more like organic results. At the moment Google places a small yellow ‘Ad’ label on them.

Basic principles of AdWords

Each business will choose a list of terms / keywords that a potential customer searching google might use, then create an advert text relating to that keyword.

Generally you will not be the only company in the area using Goolge Adwords, hence rival companies can bid for the same keyword, you have to bid against other marketers on how much you’re willing to pay Google AdWords every time a searcher clicks on your ad. With the example above, you can see four companies competing for the one keyword.

Obviously the more you pay-per-click (PPC) the more likely your ad will appear in the search results.

As well as your maximum bid, Google also uses something called a ‘quality score’ to determine your position in the results.

Quality score

Google looks at how relevant and useful your ad is to the searcher and the search terms they’ve used. It also looks at how many clicks your ad has received previously, also known as its click-through rate (CTR) and how relevant your landing website page is.

For example if many people click on your ad, visit your website and leave quickly, Google knows that these searchers did not find what they were looking for.

The higher your quality score, the better. In fact even if your maximum bid is less than a rival bidder, you still may appear above their ad if your quality score is higher.


You pay Google AdWords each time your ad is clicked. The price you’re willing to pay for each click is called cost-per-click (CPC).

You can pick a maximum bid amount, and if you choose the automatic option, Google chooses the bid amount for you within your budget, and theoretically brings you the most clicks possible within that budget.


If your Google Adword campaign is set up correctly and monitored, you can benefit with a stream of customers to your website.  On the other hand, if you do not choose the right keywords, have good quality ad copy, and have a relevant and informative website, it could make the ad campaign ineffective and very very costly.

Here are a few tips to ensure that your ad campaigns are set up correctly:

  1. Create separate Ad Campaigns for each region that you are targeting, in this way you can tailor the campaign to suit each region
  2. Create very very specific Ad groups for each product or service, this may seem like overkill, but it will increase your quality score and campaign performance dramatically.
  3. Carefully select keywords which are related to the product and service in each ad group:
  4. Make sure the keyword has a likely-hood of a sale or enquiry, for example the term “buy leather shoes” would be better than “history of shoe making”.  We are looking for people who are ready to buy your service, not just looking for information
  5. For each Ad group, create 5-10 ad text versions, we will text these against each other and find the one which performs the best, and generates the most sales / enquiries.
  6. For each product / service, have a good quality landing page on your website, its important that the page gives the viewer all the information they need to purchase your product.  Vital elements are a good description, benefits of the product or service, testimonials or case studies, clear price, method to either buy or order, possible limited time discount or offer, and clear good quality images.

Need Help?

If you need help with running adwords, and would like more information, please contact us here

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